suka suki gila lensa

suka suki gila lensa
apabila sy sudah mla gila melensa , nobody can stop me !

fwenz ! again n again !

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Monday, February 21, 2011

totally mad tonite

woahh aq janji nk story mory hari sabtu lg tp now dahh hari isnin *apa punyer manusia lahh kau neh :) actually aq aq ta de mood nk buat ape-ape sbb err 'personal prob' ala ta nak la mention kat cni sbb ta perlu pun ckp bnda yg ta brape nk penting tuu. TODAY once again i did not go to skull , know y ? because i got headache n stomach ache plus having a fight with senior should i call them senior ? ohh of course coz they older than me :) respect my 'senior' even they dont know how to respect me. oke fullstop ! td kawan aq text aq ckp ad new student msk klaz aq then cg ubah kedudukan dlm klaz aish ape kesss neh cg ?! *felt like wanna cry :'( ohh cg pleazz ta nk tukar tempat, suruh lahh pelajar baru tuuh duq sore *wish dat my teacher read dis :( wahh cpat laa esokk aq nk tgk pelajar bru sesi 'beramah mesra' dgn diera HAHA. jgn ingat aq buat inverted coma tuuu aq mksdkan bnda laen oke SERIOUS aq ta tpu. klau aq bdak jahat aq buat yg sebaliknya oke a.k.a BULI  tp no no no i'm a  GOOD GIRLS  :) instead my friend stabbed behind me pun senyum je kerja. nk buat ape lagi ta kan nk tikam balik ONEday she got what she do to me back juz wait 4 da time come too u babe. hilang kawan lebih sakit dri hilang boyfie. janji nk sentiasa ad klu kawan susah tp tmbah mslh ad lahh. u promise me wanna supported me when i was in trouble but what had u done ?? HAHA SILLY ! janji kosong je kau taw buat yee pompuan ? sorry i felt bit emosional today  who can lend me ur shoulder 4 me to cry :'(  i'm, not in mood to have a long chit-chat. okeee byeeeee 

 janji ? haktuihh lupakan
p/s : totally out of mood tonite  

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