suka suki gila lensa

suka suki gila lensa
apabila sy sudah mla gila melensa , nobody can stop me !

fwenz ! again n again !

QuotationsFind a guy who calls you beautiful instead of hot, who calls you back when you hang up on him, who will lie under the stars and listen to your heartbeat, or will stay awake just to watch you sleep... wait for the boy who kisses your forehead, who wants to show you off to the world when you are in sweats, who holds your hand in front of his friends, who thinks you' re just as pretty without makeup on. One who is constantly reminding you of how much he cares and how lucky he is to have YOU... The one who turns to his friends and says, "thats her"...

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Monday, February 21, 2011


Putting Power in Your Steps

To come from a place power, a clear understanding of past, present, and future is critical. In dwelling on the past, we are deterred from our dreams and dream objectives. By emotionally living in the past, we distract ourselves from discovering and giving voice to our deepest, most inspirational desires.
The Past Does Not Equal the Future
In thinking of the past, we stir up negative explanations as to why our dreams can’t come true because they haven’t come true in the past. It is a specific sort of blame game and subtracts from our power to take responsibility for what our life has become. Develop a habit of catching yourself in these thoughts and instantly correct them to shift your power by taking action in the present moment.
Our lives are a reflection of what we continuously focus on. Therefore, if we continue to focus on what happened in the past, we continue to repeat the past. History repeats itself, particularly for those who keep focusing on it!
“But how can I learn from my mistakes if I don’t look back?”  Although this question seems to make sense, there is weakness in this thinking. It makes the assumption that mistakes have been made. However, I believe that there is no such thing as failure, and that all seeming failure is an opportunity for adjustment. An adjustment is an improvement, rather than a correction of a mistake. When we think in terms of mistakes, this thinking comes from lack, or fear.
In thinking from power, faith, and responsibility, we simply make improvements. When we shift our thinking from fear of repeating mistakes to acceptance of a learning opportunity, the negative past loses its power over us.

The Future

The future is exciting because it’s a blank slate, and if we understand it as a creative opportunity, the future will not keep us in fear. The past is gone and the future is not yet here, so by investing ourselves too much in either the past or the future, we diminish our power to act in the present moment.
If live in the future in our mind, then we can easily get into fear, and become afraid of what will or won’t happen. “What if?” may be a statement of fear about the future, and when you catch yourself saying it, that is an opportunity to change your attitude to one of faith instead of fear.
Having faith in the future is a way to establish your dreams in the thinking stuff. Fear of the future is focusing on and visualizing a negative outcome. To see good dreams manifested, invest positive faith in the future and guide your thoughts away from fear of the future and fear of the past.

The Powerful Present Moment

The past and future are illusory. They are not tangible, and only reside in the mind. This is where the self-control of thoughts will influence your dreams—in the present moment. The present moment is so powerful that modern quantum physics shows evidence that the present can alter the past. When we begin to define our dream statement of 15 words or less, it is powerful to make the statement in the present tense. We, therefore, visualize our dreams in the present and actually attract the future based on our focus.

STEP 1—Launch Your Courage
CONCEPT: Courage to Dream
STEP 2—Drive Your Desires
CONCEPT: Conscious Belief Systems
STEP 3—Free Your Imagination
CONCEPT: Imagination Stimulation
STEP 4—Stage Your Dream
CONCEPT: Enlightened Visualization
STEP 5—Pen Your Dream Script
CONCEPT: Power of Words-Write it!
STEP 6—Set Your Dream on Fire
CONCEPT: Ignite Dream Momentum
STEP 7—Publish Your Dream Plan Book
CONCEPT: Connect with the “Thinking Stuff”
STEP 8—Inspire Your Dream With Action
CONCEPT: Power of the Present Moment
STEP 9—Awaken Your Dream with Thanks
CONCEPT: Attraction Action of Gratitude
STEP 10—Become a Dream Achiever
CONCEPT: Live, Share, Expand Your Dreams

sumpah benci kau !

sumpahh aq benci kau ! sebab kau mata aq bengkak smalam. yess aq admit sbelom neh aq syg ag kat kau tp started from yesterday i'm totally hate u damn much. and sebab kau lahh aq ta couple n aq jd anti couple even aq taw ta semua laki player mcm kau tp skarang kau dah retired jd player ni kan ? *big clap too u. aq pun ta taw nape lahh aq bley syg kat kau dlu tahap dewa and now aq menyesal yg teramat sbb pernah knl kau ! maybe pengajaran kott bg aq sbb aq dlu pun mcm kau jgkk player tp tuu sbelom aq knl kau. SUMPAH esokk dan seterusnya aq ta kan nangis sebab kau lg aq pun ta taw motif ape aq nangis smalam *sewel.  jg laa girlfie kau tu baek-baek okeeee >.<

ape motif aq tlis bnda neh ? juz for nauseating feeling :)

totally mad tonite

woahh aq janji nk story mory hari sabtu lg tp now dahh hari isnin *apa punyer manusia lahh kau neh :) actually aq aq ta de mood nk buat ape-ape sbb err 'personal prob' ala ta nak la mention kat cni sbb ta perlu pun ckp bnda yg ta brape nk penting tuu. TODAY once again i did not go to skull , know y ? because i got headache n stomach ache plus having a fight with senior should i call them senior ? ohh of course coz they older than me :) respect my 'senior' even they dont know how to respect me. oke fullstop ! td kawan aq text aq ckp ad new student msk klaz aq then cg ubah kedudukan dlm klaz aish ape kesss neh cg ?! *felt like wanna cry :'( ohh cg pleazz ta nk tukar tempat, suruh lahh pelajar baru tuuh duq sore *wish dat my teacher read dis :( wahh cpat laa esokk aq nk tgk pelajar bru sesi 'beramah mesra' dgn diera HAHA. jgn ingat aq buat inverted coma tuuu aq mksdkan bnda laen oke SERIOUS aq ta tpu. klau aq bdak jahat aq buat yg sebaliknya oke a.k.a BULI  tp no no no i'm a  GOOD GIRLS  :) instead my friend stabbed behind me pun senyum je kerja. nk buat ape lagi ta kan nk tikam balik ONEday she got what she do to me back juz wait 4 da time come too u babe. hilang kawan lebih sakit dri hilang boyfie. janji nk sentiasa ad klu kawan susah tp tmbah mslh ad lahh. u promise me wanna supported me when i was in trouble but what had u done ?? HAHA SILLY ! janji kosong je kau taw buat yee pompuan ? sorry i felt bit emosional today  who can lend me ur shoulder 4 me to cry :'(  i'm, not in mood to have a long chit-chat. okeee byeeeee 

 janji ? haktuihh lupakan
p/s : totally out of mood tonite  

Friday, February 18, 2011

18.02.2011 ♥♥♥

WOAH da lama aq ta update blog neh kan , actually ta taw nk post ape kat blog neh ~lalala. aiyaaa EXAM ta kurang ta lebih 2 minggu dri skarang alahai MATI aq bku swear aq ta sentuh langsung pun klu failed pun ad aq kesahh ? *aish ta layak jd pelajar smip 
                 ESOKK 19.02.2011 dgn rasminya smip mengadakan pertandingan merentas desa, yeahh NUM 1 tuu akan jd milik aq *blahh laa num 1 konon jgn nk perasan haha. sewajibnya esok kitorang melenggang dan tgk pemandangan alam jgn haraplah aq nk lari skit kaki taw lari :( 

                          HARI neh aq dpat bad news ayah classmate aq telah meninggal dunia. sama-sama lah kita sedekahkan al-fatihah kpda arwah :'( 
NISA sbar oke ALLAH syg koe ayah mum lg. JGN cdey2 taw be STRONG babe :)

                                      erm cukup lah setakat neh aq sTORY MORy okeee ? nk buat preparation 4 merentas desa esok *ciss perasan ta habis. okee byeeee all 

                                  sayang korang 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

desa rentas kami

urgh letih nk mati hari neh swear ta tipu ! eyh lucu kan merentas desa pun perlu ad latihan waste time je cg buat latihan neh klu terus buat tournament teruskan ta pe ini ta menyusahkan kitorang kaum smip je. sumpah aq letih sampai 'babak' dalam klaz. tp ad baek nyew jgk ta pyh blaja bnyk2 td aq bosan laa menghadap buku je 24 jam aiyaa nak muntah der. hari sabtu neh bru la merentas desa yg sebenarnya tp err mls nk p klu aq msk pun confirm TA MENANG !  haha coz aq da retired dah bab lari-lari neh skrang kerja aq jalan je no lari-lari ! :p

 bodohh sempat lg posing ! haha
 yeah she is my lesbo
 run baby run :)

 panas siot :(
korang tgk laa kaum smip yg 'usaha' neh lari haha xD 

Sunday, February 13, 2011

wah nametag bru tuu. cg ta bley mrh sy lg dah sbb ta pkai nametag oke. hah tgk tuu sy dah ade nametag dah. :P


 old memories are always in play in the mind. ohh god  hope our friendship will last forever <3

Thursday, February 3, 2011


  • my mind body and spirit are strong. i take each day to rejuvanete and recharge
  • i draw from a deep well of peace and calm, i breathe on strenght and release my fears.
  • i go after my heart's deep desire
  • i can accomplish anything
  • all of my dreams comes true
  • i focus on my goal and have strength to make it happen 
  • i choose to be unstoppable 
  • i am strong girls
  • i act in spite of my fears
  • i am bigger than my concern and worries 
  • i can do anything and i put my mind to 
  • each day i am getting strongest
  • i take great care of myself
  • the strength of other inspire me daily 
  • i trust my intuition and live a courageous life
  • i believe in pink, i believe laugh is the way to release stress, i believe in be strong where everything else seem to be going wrong, i believe happiest girls are the pretties girls. and last one i believe in MIRACLE 
*btol ta ape yg aq bobelkn neh ? aish =)


hidup atas dunia ni ta bley lari dari prob dan sifat dengki. ni la manusia ta bley tgk org lebih dri dy. klu korang nk dengki skalipun dgn aq teruskan ta kesa pun asal ta uat hal dgn aq, bosan la asyik gaduh je. klu kawan sendiri mengumpat sal kite or cm ta puah aty dgn kite tentu kite terasa aty kn ? aq ta nk sebut la sape 'kwn' aq 2 coz nanti ta psl2 perang dunia ke 3 meletus , sbb aq bkn jenis suke nk cri gaduh. laen la klu aq npk bdak yg tergedik-gedik ei cm menyampah g2. ad org kate aq gedik , hah gedik sgt ke aq neh ?  klu aq gedik skali pun aq menggedik dgn bestie aq je oke bkn cm setengah org 2 pantang npk laki je terus buat prangai gedik eii ta malu ke. eyh2 td kan cyte sal dengki asal msk sal gedik plak neh ? hurm ta kesa laa dua-dua ad kaitan, ingat oke ad kwn sejati sorang da ckup dri ad kwn bnyk tp menyusahkan kite je. ad kwn makan kwn la, kwn suka menipu la mcm2 lagi laa perangai 'kwn'. 'sahabat sejati adlah sahabat yg sentiasa ad dgn kita n susah senang bersama'

credit too 'kawan'


It's about a new years and new month. Usually we all start waxing poetic about turning into the new us. I've done it myself. As a matter of fact, I focused so hard on that douchebag of an ex that tended to forget how much I mattered. After some soul searching and letting go I realized: I don't really need a "new me". I like most of the me that was and is.

I looked into my own past by jumping past that idiot and remembered all the things that I enjoyed about being me. They are still there, they were just buried under some muck. I've been cleaning shop. Not just getting rid of people, but also things that I don't need. I've also started putting my life in it's proper perspective and I am once again valuing the me that matters...

2011 is gonna be pretty damned awesome.
My kid rocks and may be returning stateside sooner than later to finish school.
I'm dating. & happy.
Some are trying to ring bells, I'm content with driving by the chapel for now.
I'm back in school for my one true love.
I'm humbly employed but grateful to be able to sustain myself.
I make mistakes still but I can forgive myself now, something that kept me bogged down with the douche for a LONG ass time,
I still hang out but have some kind of rein on how I do it.
& I've rediscovered so much that I enjoy...

bdak SEWEL

urghhhh geram , skit aty , mrh , lucu semua mix ! eii bosankan klu ad kwn yg terlalu-lalu menunjukan kealiman nya secara kekoyaan ? bodoh , senget punyer kwn, wey aq taw la ko 2 bdak maahad tp jgn laa nk over sgt *bdak sial itu lelaki oke.  kitorang ad satu group kt fb 2 , hah time chating dy n mamat 'zzzzzz' sorang lagi 2 bkn maen lg kutuk aq dgn kwn aq a.k.a mc daa, dy ckp allah mrh laa ta ttup aurat haha mcm laa aq neh bdak kecil ta taw mn btol mn slh n aq pun ckp kt dye aty aq blom terbuka lg laa nk ttup aurat sepenuh nya yg dy sibuk pesal ! urm tp pham2 je laa ad ubi ad batas ad hari aq bls , ngah cri idea yg lebih dasyat neh bia diowang surrender aq nk ayat yg hot bia diorang senyap n sedar diri klu nk nasihat org laen. skurang2 nye aq ta laa couple cm ko 2 arapp je skula maahad tp perangai urghh . dah 2 suke aty je nk ckp kt aq neh jahil laa klu aq jahil pun ta menyusahkn ko langsung pun ! dah laa aq ta nk tmbah2 dosa mengata bnyk psl bdak sewel 2 .

-maaf berlaku sedikit pencemaran bahas dcni- :)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

mendaki gunung everest *dush

hah tgk tjuk pun msti terkejut kn ? haha mendaki gnung everest 2 mkna nye kerja skula bertimbun-timbun sama tinggi dgn gunung everest alaa cg kejam laa kn ? bg hw byk2 klu plajar ta dpt siapkn dy da mencecah pkl 3 pagi , mata aq belum rase mengantuk lg pe aq nk buat neh , kepuasan duq sorang2 dan asyik menghadap lappy je , bosan laa ! anyway hari ahad neh da bka skula alaaa tolonggggg la aq ta nk prgi skulaaaaaaaa ! baex tdoe kt umah lg bezz tdoe dan menggemoxkn badan haha. aq ta de idea nk mengarut ape mlm neh otak pun da ta bley nk jalan ta dpt nk pkir ppew da huhhhhh. aq nk tdoe tp kann aq kna ciap kan hw yg bertimbun-timbun neh, ta de spe ke nk tolong aq buat benda neh ? klu ta buat confirm kna denda kt cg , aq ta takot laa stakat kna denda je tp aq mlu haha *konon nye laaa . daaa laa bdak yg ta brape nk btol neh nk continue buat hw nanti laen kli kita story mory lg oke , bye2 sayang korang muuuuahhhhhh <3