suka suki gila lensa

suka suki gila lensa
apabila sy sudah mla gila melensa , nobody can stop me !

fwenz ! again n again !

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Friday, August 26, 2011

brother ADAM

opppps mesti nk thu kan sape dy ? hahaha thats my brother la and i loveeeee him so much. dia abg sy dunia akhirat walaupun bukan abg kandung. his full name is ADAM HIRZI such a nice name rite haha oyeahhhh he is the best brother in the world no one can replace him, and nothing can describes about him because he is to perfect for me
he always TAKE CARE of us (me and jane) OHHMAAYYY brother kitorang sweet okay ! i promise myself to take care of him always. sy tk kan couple selagi dy tk couple thats one of my promise :)
okay la tk nk tulis entry panjang-panjang nanti korang menyampah nk baca. kalau ad HOT story bru dira update okayy bye *chingg
 okayyy this is my brotHEr :D
 p/s: spoo nk gewe dgn dy kenooo jurus deah. hehe ;)

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