suka suki gila lensa

suka suki gila lensa
apabila sy sudah mla gila melensa , nobody can stop me !

fwenz ! again n again !

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Monday, January 24, 2011

sombom punyer kwn !

urm teramat lah mls nk p skula esok...aiyaaa ta kn nk skip skula lg kan hari neh pun da ta p . urghhh stress laa ! having a fight wif faqih coz wut ? coz dy teramat amat lah sombom kt skula . bez frenz eva laa KONON nye . memang laa aq dgn dy dlu bez frenz p skunk neh ntah lah ta taw nk label ape , ta kn nk label bez frenz ag klu same2 ta bertegur sapa lg kn ? erm skunk neh da 8 miss called dan 4 msj dr dy p aq ta lyn pun ! haha amek kau !

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